Thursday, 20 March 2008

Photographic Series - Gates & Doors 2007/8

Ex Police Stn Caledonian Rd N7 060607

Edinburgh 280407

Dukes Rd Gate WC1 071007

Drummond St NW1 2006

Commercial Rd 291007

Coke St E1 261007

Chandos St W1 130607

Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, Canonbury Place N1

Buckland Hse Thornhill Rd N1 131007

Britannia St WC1 011207

Boys Barrow Hill Rd School NW8 220307

Bowling Grn Ln EC1 130607

Artists Rifles Dukes Road 071007

Photographic: Series - Windows 2007/8

These photographs are taken from a series of 76 photographs shown as a Slideshow at a Group Show at the Etcetera Gallery November 2007. Although the series is called Windows - in my mind they are more than just pictures of windows. These are insights, portraits and of course (as with all photographs) they are a subject selected, cropped and framed - These are frames within frames.

Leadenhall Mkt EC3 160507

Piazza del Risorgamento Amandola 260807

Regnart Bldgs NW1 130907

Strand WC2 240507

Indian Rest Liverpool Rd N7 230607

Hoxton Sq N1 250507

Leadenhall Mkt EC3 160507

Royal College St NW1 070607

Hoxton Sq N1 250507

Hoxton Sq N1 250507

Piazza Alberico Santini, San Ginesio 190807

Via Antonio Migliorati Amandola 230807

Piazza del Risorgamento Amandola

Place Du Gal de Gaulle 231007

White Cube Hoxton Sq N1 050607

Benwell Rd N7 160607

Charlotte Rd EC2 250507

Alley off Whitechapel Rd 150607

Gt Newport St WC2 100907

Via Curlimonti Tolentino 210807

Hoxton Sq N1 250507

Bosham Sussex 251205

London Met Commercial Rd E1 230507

Leighton Rd NW5 060607

Charlotte Rd EC2 250507

Modena Via Sant Eufemia 160807

St John St EC1 130607

Garrick St WC2 240507

Leadenhall Mkt EC3 160507

Bosham Sussex 251205

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Pavilions 2006/7

A series / a collection of photographs of small buildings (some puzzling - some utterly pointless) most of which were found in North London. The photographs were taken with different cameras - some using film - some digital. The pictures unified by their sepia colouration, square format and treatment.