Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Photographic Competitions

theprintspace Photographic Competition January 2011 "Your Favourite Place"

theprintspace Photographic Competition November 2010 "Faith"
"Image by Andrew Pegram
This is a very beautiful shot - the colours of the world shining on the church walls. Very spiritual."

Selected for Publication
The Guardian Newspaper2nd May 2010

theprintspace Photographic Competition November 2009 "Movement."

Awarded 3rd Place

"Image by Andrew Pegram
This shot is about humour and composition. The cars are all placed perfectly which can't have
 been easy. The layers of landscape and movement on each plain give you a great sense of depth. It is the combination of these two things mixed with the humour of the guy with the blower that makes this a great little comment on life."

Photo-Open Exhibition

29th October - 9th November 2008
"This work has been selected to be professionally printed for wall display at the Dray Walk Gallery, as part of the Photomonth Photo-Open exhibition. Photo-open and the Photomonth seminar are at the Dray Walk Gallery, Brick Lane."